New Bikes

Here are links to the websites of bicycles & frames that can be purchased through The Broken Spoke.

KHS – manufactures road, track, mountain, tandem, folding, cruiser, and youth bicycles, as well as Free Agent BMX bicycles

Kona – excellent full-suspension & hardtail mountain bikes, great cyclocross bikes, & some very excellent city/commuter bicycles – a shop favourite!

Montague – full-sized folding bikes

Soma – a San Francisco company that produces some nice steel frames

Surly – good, cheap, & strong

The following bikes represent what’s new & ready to go in the shop right now.

KHS Flite 100 55cm – $670

Voodoo Wazoo 56cm – $1200

6 Responses to “New Bikes”

  1. Are you going to get a UTE in there? Definitely interested in buying one and you’re the only dealer in IA…

  2. definitely adam…i’ll get some in as soon as they become available…which is early june as of today…

  3. I am interested in a Kona Dr. Dew. I am 6’1″ and was wondering if this model has a frame that will match my leg length? Also, are you able to order this bike if you don’t have one?

  4. hi andy…
    the dr. dew comes in a 60cm frame that would be a good fit for 6’1″…what is your inseam…?
    i can easily order any bike that i don’t have at the shop as long as its respective company has it in stock…kona only has three 61cm dr. dews available at this time…

  5. Do you still carry the M ontague?

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