three leading/three trailing laced wheel…

Here is the matching wheel to the one a few posts prior.

three leading/three trailing laced wheel

It’s pretty much the same except for one major difference. This one has been laced up with a three leading/three trailing spoke design. It looks cool and makes for a strong wheel!

And here it is joining the other one on the bike.

tiger thirty-nine

~ by michael on October 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “three leading/three trailing laced wheel…”

  1. Can that bike be of a higher profile? Ulock required… very sweet indeed!

  2. No ulock required as you’d never catch it. I’ve seen it in action and I think the rider is on Italia’s Olympic team or something.

  3. Wow what a hoochie coochie bike! Ideas are sparking in my flamable little mind….

  4. the three leading three trailing pattern is only suitable for a front wheel, no ? will it hold up to stress as a back wheel ?

  5. I am going to try a rear single-speed freewheel cruiser wheel with 3L3T and will maybe report back if I survive.

  6. I’ve been riding my three leading/trailing wheelset without a rear brake on the Seattle hills for almost a year now – I haven’t had to true either wheel yet!

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