a vote for fenders…

A Public Service Announcement

People often only think of fenders as a way to prevent the ol’ skunk stripe of water & muck off their backs. However, the biggest benefactor of full fender goodness is the bicycle itself. Full fenders prevent water & such from getting thown up inside the frame through the headset & seat tube & bottom bracket. Once inside, corrosion then can quickly take place. I replaced two bottom brackets the other day. Here’s what I found inside.

rusty rust

Exhibit A: Steel frame

rust rusty

Exhibit B: Aluminum frame

~ by michael on October 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “a vote for fenders…”

  1. What’s the price for a pair of fenders?

  2. a set of full fenders start out at $30…a modest investment for a wealth of protection…!

  3. Sweet. Are you open on New Year’s day? I might swing by and pick up a set.

  4. hi scott…sorry…not open on new year’s day…
    happy new year…!

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