salsa casseroll fixed-gear commuter…

Here is the latest bike to come out of the shop.

salsa casseroll

It is a custom frame-up build of a Salsa Casseroll. The Casseroll is a very versatile frame. It can be set up with gears, but, it also has stainless steel(nice!) semi-horizontal dropouts, so it can easily be used as a single speed or a fixed-gear.

salsa casseroll

It has ample room for fenders & fairly wide tyres. Slightly long chainstays allow for a more relaxed ride & extended room for panniers.

salsa casseroll

The wheels were also custom built to specification. The 130mm spaced, dishless rear makes for a nice & strong wheel that will take plenty of abuse as its ridden year-round.

~ by michael on October 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “salsa casseroll fixed-gear commuter…”

  1. Mike,

    Did you order down a frame size, since these run a little large? I typically run a 57 or 58 cm and went with the 60 cm Casseroll frame. Don’t have it yet, but I’m wondering if I need to throw a short, high rise stem on it (90mm 105 degree Thomson Elite), since I’m using some Soma Major Taylor bars.

  2. uh oh…

    if you normally ride a 57 or 58cm…then you should have gotten a 55cm frame…

    the casserolls run 3cm tall for their listed size…so you went in the opposite direction…a 60cm casseroll is actually a 63cm frame…!

  3. Yes, I knew I was ordering in the large direction; I’m just trying to get an idea of just how much of a size increase I’ll be dealing with and whether it’s within an acceptable (adaptable) range (incidentally, the next smallest size wasn’t available for the price I paid.)


  4. what size fenders are you running in this picture? i have a casseroll and want to equip it for winter

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