retro-tec single speed townie…

This is a Retro-Tec frame that was half-way built up at the shop. Check out that lug work!

retro-tec townie
The finished build up on location. (photo ® ­John Stanec)

karate monkey xtracycle
And here is a photo of John taking it home on his Karate Monkey outfitted in Xtracycle style!

~ by michael on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “retro-tec single speed townie…”

  1. hot ride, but Michael, I want clickable, enlargable pictures!

  2. Zach, if you still want an enlarged photo of the Retro-tec, ask Michael for my email, and I’ll send you one. Cheers, John

  3. I’m curious as to what size the xtracycle is that’s attached to the karate monkey… 700 or 26? can you fit either to the monkey?
    Nice lookin rig

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