snowflake laced wheel…

Here is another fancy laced up wheel to come out of the shop.

snowflake laced wheel

It’s a forty hole Campagnolo Gran Sport track hub snowflake laced to a Sun CR-18 rim with DT Revolution spokes.

dark background

~ by michael on November 13, 2007.

10 Responses to “snowflake laced wheel…”

  1. nice wheel Michael! is it for you?

  2. it is…!

  3. now he’ll be too fancy to ride with the rest of us.

  4. oh, and i think you should re-take the picture with a high contrast background. i’ll be quiet now.

  5. already did…!

  6. They are bodacious! Are they strong?!

  7. just as strong as a regular triple-cross lacing…

    pretty much the only serious drawback is the extra effort it takes when replacing a broken spoke…

  8. How much would a shop charge for this lacing pattern?

  9. I’d guess eighty dollars a wheel would be a reasonable fee.

  10. How much bigger do the spokes need to be compared to straight laced? or is the same length?

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