jamis aurora super commuter…

jamis aurora

The latest to come out of the shop is a Jamis Aurora touring bike that has been set up as an excellent year-round commuting bicycle. The touring tyres were swapped out with a studded Nokian on the front & a standard cyclocross tyre on the rear. Fenders & a rack round out the standard commuting necessities.

~ by michael on December 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “jamis aurora super commuter…”

  1. Wow! Michael, this bike looks awesome!

  2. thanks…!
    have you found a super commuter for yourself yet…?

  3. Great looking bike! I have one too, a 2008 I recently bought, and I am totally happy with it. I’m planning to take a tour on it in May, from Vancouver Island where I live south along the coast of Washington, Oregon, and N. California. I have the right bike for the job!

  4. These bikes are awesome, for the price. I just picked up a mint 2007. The bike rides great and it comes well put together.

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