kona explosif fully rigid mountain bike…

kona explosif

Here we have a frame-up build of a fully rigid steel Kona Explosif. The proud owner will be using it for commuting & riding singletrack at Sugar Bottom.

kona explosif

Look closely & you will see that this bike lacks something very ubiquitous in the bicycling industry. No Shimano parts of any kind! This proves that you can have a top-notch quality machine without succumbing to the Japanese giant.

~ by michael on January 12, 2008.

10 Responses to “kona explosif fully rigid mountain bike…”

  1. thats a nice bike

  2. gotta love those green bikes.

  3. Kona makes rigid mountain bikes?!?!?! who knew. Sweet ride.

  4. ah indeed…when it’s a custom spec’d build up of a bare frame…!

  5. The weiner posse is in the window..awww kitty kitty!

  6. sweet!
    i still ride my green ’94 kona lava dome steel hardtail and love it! you won’t want to ride anything else. the project two fork brings back fond memories… i’ve upgraded everything but the frame. hmmm…a kona explosif frame….

  7. That is a beautiful bike. I’ve only bought rigids because I don’t go off road enough for a hardtail to be worth it, and that is one of the finer ones I’ve seen. Definitely beats my ’00 Gary Fisher Gitche Gumee.

  8. it’s been a year now with my Explosif…i love my bike. She has the winter off, so I’m out on the orange Surly 1×1. Less to clean. With snow and ice i feel like i’m mtn biking each time I head out the door. I love this bike too. 🙂

  9. I used to have that frame, prestige tubing isn’t it? I sold it to a ffiends wife many moons ago but am considering buying it back to make it into a cross type bike. I have a ti hei hei, and the prestige explosif is as close as steel comes to the suppleness of ti.

  10. nice bike!

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