surly crosscheck “shimergo” conversion…

Regardless of what the cycling industry will have you believe, more isn’t always better. Modern 10 speed cassettes rely on thinner cogs that wear out faster & cost more than twice as much as their 8 speed counterparts.

And when it comes to shifters that are fully serviceable & rebuildable, Campagnolo takes the cake, unlike the STI shifters that Shimano manufactures. Shimano would rather have you just buy another set of their shifters instead of being able to replace a spring or something else that should be easy to extend the life of the component.

What’s the best of both worlds? Campagnolo 10 speed shifters used with Shimano-based 8 speed drivetrains. It just so happens that the cable pull for Capagnolo 10 speed is the same that Shimano uses for their 8 speed setup. With proper installation & adjustment, a “Shimergo” setup works flawlessly!

False advertising!

Eight is great!

Here is a quick cost breakdown.

“Good” 8 speed cassette – $32 & “cheap” 8 speed chain – $10 = $42 total.


“Cheap” 10 speed cassette – $70 & “cheap” 10 speed chain – $35 = $105 total.

So it costs about 250% more to replace the 10 speed drivetrain than it does the 8 speed drivetrain. To add insult to injury, the 10 speed drivetrain will have a shorter lifespan than the 8 speed, due to the chain & cassette cogs being thinner. So, not only does it cost more, but you’ll have to replace it more often!

~ by michael on April 28, 2008.

17 Responses to “surly crosscheck “shimergo” conversion…”

  1. Brilliant! Too bad I don’t ride bikes with gears much.

  2. EXACTLY THE SETUP IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR, GENIUS. I want a cross check but i dont want the drive train or shifters it comes with, you just made my day, and gave me a reason to spend some money, i am curious as to what components are on your bike

  3. can you letme know the set up you have? thanks

  4. How does it work have ten “clicks” on the shifters and only eight gears in the back?

  5. sam…
    there are only eight clicks when properly set up…

  6. Michael,

    This build looks just about right for my needs. I’ve got a couple great local bike shops here in Denver, but not sure if they’ll know the “Shimergo” setup. Can you give me a ballpark idea of the price range for this build, as shown minus computer and light?

  7. This bike ended up being right around $1400 total. Surly has increased their price for the complete Cross Check by $100 now, though.

  8. The Shimano rear derailleur.. Is it a new 10 speed model, or does it have to be an older 8 speed type? Thanks!

  9. Hi Michael,
    Thats exactly the build up i’am Riding back here in Germany.
    Except I Don’t use the Veloce Shifters but the cheaper Mirage ones in combination with a 8 speed Shimano rear Derailleur.
    But I do have a Problem with the front derailleur. I built in a 3 Speed Shimano Nexus but with the Campa Shifter I’am only able to use 2 gains.
    Do you have a better Solution???????
    Would be nice hearing from you


  10. 7 clicks for 8 gears !!! etc.

  11. Quite right, Patrick. Quite right!

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  13. Are you running a double crank or triple? Would this set up work with either type crank?

  14. A double, but it would work just fine with a triple, as well.

  15. Does it matter what kind of rear derailleur you are using? I.e, can I keep my campy derailleur? or do I need to switch to a shimano derailleur to make this setup work?

  16. Interesting stuff. I’ve not been impressed with Shimano’s low end STI shifters due to the stupid placing of the thumb changer which you can’t reach whilst in the drops. I planning to get a new bike soon so I may opt for a cheaper 8 speed like the Ridgeback Voyage and “upgrade” the shimano shifters.

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