bianchi single speed/fixed gear conversion…

Here is a nicer old Bianchi that wasn’t being used much by its current owner. Until now, since it has seen new life reborn as a fixed gear!

Not only did the derailleurs & gears get stripped, but the drop handlebar & brake levers got swapped out as well for a bullhorn bar with reverse brake levers. Nice!

~ by michael on June 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “bianchi single speed/fixed gear conversion…”

  1. that ride is hot. I love that bull horn/rev brake setup. and do I smell something stinky ahead????maybe???

  2. this is the exact sort of bike i want while cruising in davis, ca. the only thing i would change is the color.. i love that celeste that bianchi is famous for. how much are u looking to sell this for?

  3. This bicycle isn’t for sale. It was a conversion that was done for a customer. Thanks for your interest, though!

  4. did you convert the bike to a free wheel one speed or to a fixed gear bike? also did you do the bullhorn handlebar and brakes for the customer? sorry if i am asking too many questions, but i want to know how much these conversions cost because i am looking into getting one done myself.

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