surly cross-check fixed gear & single speed(x2)…

Here is the bike that the previous posted wheels were built up for.

6-25-2009 001 (Large)

A frame-up build resulting in a flat-bar city bike that will be used for commuting and pulling a kid’s trailer, hence the 19t gear on the Dos freewheel. Normal riding conditions will see the 17t getting used on the freewheel side or 18t for the fixed gear.

The 48t chainring might look a little big for Iowa City, but have no fear, this bike was built up for a long-distance Broken Spoke customer that lives in Brooklyn, New York. It’ll get shipped out to him in the very near future!

~ by michael on June 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “surly cross-check fixed gear & single speed(x2)…”

  1. you built me a bike?!?! wait…. kid’s trailer? you mean keg trailer, yeah?

  2. The bike looks amazing Michael. Just what I had in mind.

  3. Great bike!!! Can you please say what kind of tyres that are… thanks.

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