hardrock frankenbike…

Here we have what once was a mountain bike. Gears & flat bar be gone!



Tektro makes some awesome road brake levers that are long-pull to play nicely with linear pull brakes.


A handbuilt(by me) rear wheel comprised of a White Industries eccentric hub/DT spokes/Velocity Aero Heat rim puts the power from the pedals to the pavement.

~ by michael on August 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “hardrock frankenbike…”

  1. …and the original suspension seatpost is the next to go on this.

  2. I tried several suspension seat posts and still own one in a box on a shelf. I am going to shout this here: YOU NEED FULL CONTROL OF YOUR BIKE AT ALL TIMES. A vertically mobile saddle is a static idea. The bike and person and load are all mass-in-motion. The center of gravity is everything and mussy millimeters will kill you in traffic. You use your saddle to control the bike and run the line of the tires around cracks and to keep inches between your self and parked cars.
    I was practically invalided in 2000 after knees surgery and I used one to get going again, albeit wobbly. But in real road situations go fully suspended with a solid saddle to lever around the bike/person/load mass-unit or go for full solid non-suspended.
    Definitely lose the old post. They are deceptively dangerous.

  3. yah, that seat post was a disaster waiting to happen. this bike rolls w/o suspension seatpost (and without a seat post shim) now despite having to order unique diameter post.

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