kona explosif revisited…

This bicycle was originally built up back in January of 2008. See the original post here:


8-20-2009 001 (Large)

It was to become a single speed, so a new wheel needed to be built up. I hand-built this wheel using a Paul Word single speed hub, DT Revolution spokes, & a DT XR 4.2 rim.

1-12-2008 003 (Large)

Here is the original build as a geared bike.

8-20-2009 005 (Large)

And here it is in its current single speed form! The shifters & derailleurs have been removed. The triple chainring crank now only bears one chainring & a chainring guard. The sliding dropouts at the rear allow this frame to easily accommodate a singlespeed wheel without neccesitating any kind of chain tensioner.

~ by michael on August 20, 2009.

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