kona stinky 2-4…

Here is a fine example of one thing that makes Kona awesome.

Their kids’ bikes are little versions of real bikes. There are low quality kids’ bikes at department stores. Above those are much higher quality & professionally built kids’ bikes at real bike shops. Then, there are kids’ bikes by Kona!

This is a 24″ wheeled full suspension kids’ bike, the Stinky 2-4. Hydraulic disc brakes & Marzocchi shocks are just a few of the highlights of what make this bike tower above the rest. It was special ordered in for a customer who is going to have one very happy boy.

Check out the following link to see what other kids’ bikes Kona offers.


~ by michael on February 12, 2010.

One Response to “kona stinky 2-4…”

  1. My son just got his today from Bow Cycle in Calgary Alberta and he can’t wait to rip up the BC bike parks this summer. the stinky 24 spec’ed out better than the norco and the specilized. Mom and dad ride specilized fsr but the stinky rocks. just for fun we might put my old avid juicy 5 brakes and rise bar off my enduro on the stinky. have a great season everyone.

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