soma saga…

The latest custom frame-up build to come out of the shop is this fine Soma Saga!

It’s a pretty fancy touring build consisting of parts such as a Thomson stem & seatpost, a Chris King headset, & a Pletscher double kickstand.

A Surly Nice Rack is on the front along with an Axiom Journey for the rear to allow a plethora of stuff to join in on the fun.

Just look at that magnificent metal head tube badge!

~ by michael on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “soma saga…”

  1. Fantastic! I had this in mind when I built the Cannondale in ’94.
    Talk a little about the headset, please. I have an Ultegra on the Riven-hell, and it would not cut it trans-Afrika.

    Also, the front rack is as glorious as my Nitto, but why aren’t we having slightly pigeon-toed front racks for the aerodynamic benefits? It would only take about 3 degrees toe-in to make the panniers serve as a wind-wedge.

    On RAGBRAI this year I kept encountering an older man from Nippon riding a very hot Soma racing bike. We repassed each other often and I finally gave him a thumbs-up and said “Kuwahara rules.” He said something in Japanese, pointed to himself and said Kuwahara. His name was Kuwahara!

  2. Awesome build up! I’m certainly envious, as it’s pretty much the exact build I was looking at a year ago. Great job!

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