winter tyres…

Just in time for winter after way too long of a wait from my distributor, Nokian studded tyres are here!

These work absolutely fantastic in snow & ice. The metal studs keep ice/packed snow traction at a maximum!

~ by michael on December 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “winter tyres…”

  1. two of those bad boys just went on my surly. let. it. snow!

  2. Sizes, pleeze, Mike?

    And with studs the actual circumferences with a string, if you would? A real string circumference is crucial, especially for the narrower ones.

    You won’t need to blow them up all the way to spec limit, as the colder air outside will do a magical shrinko under live conditions.

    Some of us have old steel beater racing bikes with slightly larger clearance, but with fenders, as you know…

    I have not ridden studdly tyres on ice since the age of my bones still began with a two. But for you and yours this season–“HO! HO! HO!”

    • Ross,

      I don’t have a circumference measurement yet. but the 32 measured as a 30, the 35 measured as a 32, and the 40 measured as a 36. All on Alex Adventurer rims, which are a touring rim.

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