more custom hand-built wheels & the fanciest dew plus you’ve ever seen…

Here is a very nice set of wheels I had the pleasure of building very recently for a customer.

The front(left) is a Chris King disc hub laced up double-crossed to a DT RR415 28H rim using DT Revolution spokes. The rear(right) is a matching Chris King hub laced up triple crossed to a DT RR465 32H rim. This setup makes for an extremely nice & light & strong & sensible wheelset!

They went onto this very much loved Kona Dew Plus. Every component on this bike has been upgraded except for the headset!

How do you get your precious bike home when you rode a bike to the shop to pick it up? With your sweet Surly trailer, of course!

~ by michael on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “more custom hand-built wheels & the fanciest dew plus you’ve ever seen…”

  1. Hi – just wondering what brand/type of fenders are fitted to that Dew
    Plus. I’m looking to fit some to my Dew Plus for the winter months ahead.

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