catching up…

All right, so I have been harassed enough by some fine folks to update the page!

Here are some things that have recently come out of the shop.

We built up this fine Soma Smoothie!

Pretty classy if I don’t say so myself. Plus, check out that sweet Shimergo set up it’s rocking!

I built up this rock solid wheelset using 105 hubs, Wheelsmith double-butted spokes, & Alex Adventurer rims.

Pete installed these awesome cork grips using twine onto a customer’s awesome Trek 520. They are grooved to accommodate the barend shifters. I had installed the Nitto Albatross handlebar, Nitto stem, & Paul brake levers beforehand.

We did a frame swap on a customer’s bike. This Dew has seen _many_ changes over the past few years. This time around it get’s a Surly Cross Check frame & fork!

Lookin’ mighty fine!

I also assembled this fantastic baby carriage that was imported from Italy back in 1973!

~ by michael on October 11, 2012.

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