nuvinci n360 conversion…

Now here is an awesome project I had the pleasure of doing for a customer!

11-25-2012 003 (Large)
A before photo: regular derailleur-based drivetrain on a mid-90s Specialized Rockhopper.

11-25-2012 010 (Large)
The after: The Nuvinci N360 is a continuously variable planetary internally geared hub. What this means is that it has an infinite gear range between the lowest & highest gears. The shifter acts as an analogue dial that results in _always_ being in a gear. There are no missed shifts or clunky shifting with this set-up! A Paul Melvin chain tensioner was used since the Rockhopper has vertical dropouts. A chainguard keeps things neat. A keen eye will also see that the fork got replaced.

11-25-2012 015 (Large)
The Nuvinci uses the best optical gear indicator I have ever seen. Lower gears create a hill!

11-25-2012 016 (Large)
Classy leather grips that are oh so ergo!

11-25-2012 012 (Large)
Here’s a sweet side shot of the whole bike(before a Thomson seatpost & Brooks saddle got later installed!

~ by michael on February 18, 2013.

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