montague fit full-size folding bike…

Here is the first update of many that I need to catch up on!
DSC_0050 (Large)
This is a custom frame up build of a Montague FIT full-size folding frame. It basically has a quick release lever that allows the bike to fold in half horizontally along the seat tube.

DSC_0052 (Large)
A nice look at the front end.

DSC_0089 (Large)
An Avid BB7 disk brake makes thing stop in a hurry up front.

DSC_0083 (Large)
A pair of sweet Paul brake levers; always made in the USA!

DSC_0079 (Large)
Portland Designs Whiskey leather grips add style & comfort.

DSC_0080 (Large)

DSC_0078 (Large)

DSC_0063 (Large)
Broken bike! A hint at its fold-ability.

DSC_0062 (Large)
A close-up of the business end.

DSC_0061 (Large)

DSC_0056 (Large)
A Brooks leather saddle: the standard for leathery comfort!

DSC_0055 (Large)

DSC_0053 (Large)
The Shimano Alfine internal 11 speed hub has a great gear range with the easiness of a simply maintained internal hub!

03-08-2014 030 (Large)
A look at the custom hand-built wheels. The Alfine rear & Paul front.

03-08-2014 040 (Large)

~ by michael on May 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “montague fit full-size folding bike…”

  1. Awesome bicycle. Going to the mfg website now to see what the folded dimensions are. Considering my dahon barely fits in “airline legal” luggage, It would be a miracle if this did.

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