About The Shop – Contact Info – Hours

The Broken Spoke is a bicycle shop in Iowa City!

First opened in 2003, The Broken Spoke is now in its semi-retired chapter & will be happily continuing to serve its twenty years’ worth of awesome customers by appointment only!
New customers will be considered on a case by case basis.
Please email or call to make an appointment.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Business Hours:

Appointment only

Iowa City, Iowa 52240
(319) 338-8900

email: retired(at)thebrokenspoke.com

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thebestbrokenspoke

25 Responses to “About The Shop – Contact Info – Hours”

  1. Just wondering if you were making a “Broken Spoke” jersery. I’m still interested. The cats add some great characters to the shop!

  2. eventually russ…i’ll probably be putting something together this winter…!

  3. Nice article in the paper this morning. Keep spreading the word about commuting.

  4. thanks for the kind words karl…!

  5. check out http://www.champ-sys.com for inexpensive custom jerseys

  6. Michael, it’s so great to see your shop doing so well! I remember when you were first starting out and fixing it up. Awesome job 🙂

    PS how are the cats?

  7. Hey Michael,
    We were just checking out your website. Nice bikes. How many cats do you have?

    -Jason and Sarah Clapper

  8. Hey Sarah & Jason!

    There are two cats at the shop, Magnus & Bill(aka The Weiner Posse).

    I need to post photographs of them, just because.

  9. love my new steamroller, took it out for a ride yesterday and it rocks, thanks michael and peter.

  10. Hey Michael,

    Saw the article and had to say hi. Shop looks great. When you get jerseys, will you ship them?

  11. Broken Spoke,
    Thanks for letting me hang out at the shop yesterday! Thanks for keeping folks on bikes and all your advocacy efforts.

  12. Wow! I didn’t know my Waterford would be featured on your website. It’s a dream though – flawlessly put together! Thanks Michael and Pete!

  13. Do you have any children trailers? Love your shop!
    I’m on an old ’80’s Giant single speed, a monster Jamis 700c Frankenstein Winterbike and a Jamis XLT All mountain rig.

  14. I ordered a JAMIS BOSS CRUISER from Michael two weeks ago. The bike was put together and ready for pick up promptly. I am 250 miles from his shop, but the long distance didn’t hamper the sale whatsoever. He had everything in order when I picked up the bike. I am a retailer and professional photographer and know a thing or two about good service. I would buy again from him if and when I need another bike and encourage anybody else to give Michael a try if good service is what you want.

  15. Michael, congratulations on your recognition as a BFB!!!

  16. I love the custom bikes but no prices were listed. What does a custom job run?

  17. Michael,

    Thanks for the quick fixie conversion. She’s running beautifully!!!

  18. Talked to you earlier in the week.
    My schedule cleared

    I’m driving to You to play the Joust tommorow.

    Lonnie McDonald Joust WR holder

  19. Excellent
    I’ll be on the machine 5Hrs
    I see you open after 12 works great
    Bringing you a gift for hosting.

    We need to set the machine on default settings.

    I’ll bring a stool.


  20. Michael,
    I am looking for a bicycle for an active old lady..me! All I know is coaster bikes. My friend told me about a trek lime she has with coaster breaks a comfy seat and automatic shift. Sounds nice. How far is Iowa City from Nebraska City
    Aunt Marla

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