Somewhat local & very relevant sites: – our own bicycle advocacy group right here in Johnson County – a volunteer run library of bikes located here in Iowa City – The Iowa Bicycle Coalition – full of information on Iowa’s racing scene – owning and riding your bicycle in Iowa City

Commuting sites: – tips on cycling everyday of the year – how to not get hit by a car

Single speed sites: – UK single speed site – single speed web zine – single speed. punk rock. minneapolis

Fixed gear sites: – an expansive gallery of fixed gear bicycles – a site dedicated to off-road fixed gear riding – includes a handy gear ratio chart – a website that describes the NYC fixed gear scene

Trials sites: – a classic & very informative site on bike trials

Technical sites: – a gear inch calculator

2 Responses to “Links”

  1. Hello. I will be attending summer school at the university and am looking for a place to rent a bike for the week of June 8-13. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. hi billie…

    look no further than the bike library…!


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